Synopsis of current project

New iconic dwelling in the suburban area of Thetsane, Maseru.

It is sited on site that enjoys vistas and breath-taking view on the western side on the city overlooking the undulating horizons of the republic of South Africa.


The new contemporary building exhibits itself as a new typology for dwelling space in the mountain kingdom.

The form of building celebrates the fusion of modern “pure form” and fusion of dynamic tectonic shapes of minimalist architecture.

It brings light and integration of inside and outside spaces to a whole new level.

An interplay of mass and transparency with high emphasis on planar forms.

Latest stories

Site was occupied by contractor early 2019 and all works are being done in accordance to the schedule.

If you would like to arrange for site visit for free educational session,

please contact Mr Mofulatsi Rampou at +27791571110 or Mr Lenka Mphafi at +26662111117

January 2019
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February 2019